'I've never been so scared by a story. This kept me up at night for days. True horror!', ' The single greatest horror story I have ever read', 'I had to stop just to catch my breath', 'Absolutely loved this story. Super creepy, and such incredible detail. Could not stop reading', 'Absolutely captivating from start to finish'.

- The readers of, and NoSleep.

Stranded for the night in a remote village, a writer takes refuge in a small inn, warming himself by the fire with a bottle of wine, waiting for the morning. When he is joined by another of the inn's guests, he is captivated and shocked by the superstitious tale he hears; of a place which looms large nearby, where things which should not be walk at night, and of a shadow which casts its foul darkness on all below.

Prepare for the terror which awaits you, 'On a Hill'...

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