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"Bedtime is supposed to be a happy event for a tired child; for me it was terrifying." - So begins one of the most popular pieces of horror fiction in recent years. 'Bedtime' tells the story of a man looking back to his childhood, to twisted memories of something which lurked in the darkness, terrorising him each night. Now, he commits those experiences to a journal, exploring two haunting questions: 'What if it were all real?', and 'What if it comes back?'

For the first time, experience the fear for yourself in this new expanded version of the hit novella by Michael Whitehouse, alongside 18 other equally as frightening stories. Hold on, white-knuckled through  the shudders and creeping unease which pulsates and flows through each pages.

Prepare yourself, for something lurks nearby in the darkness, at Bedtime...

Available as a paperback, digital download, and audiobook
Release Date: July 2013